Not everything makes it into the final draft of our stories. This page is a home for bits and pieces that weren't quite right for the final product.

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Derron and Sofia's Almost-Date

An early draft of the story included a peek at Derron's apartment, and his post-work routine.  CLICK HERE to read.

Claudia's Wedding

Wondering if Bridget's family is really that bad (clue: YES!)?  Here is a scene of Bridget attending her sister's wedding in Ireland. CLICK HERE to read.

Alternate Ending for THE CATCH

The Epilogue of the "The Catch" takes place five years after the events of the story. The original concept was set much sooner. CLICK HERE to read.

Bonus Scene for HIS FIRST LADY

A First Lady isn't the only thing that Michael needed. In an early draft of the story, Michael and Kendall spent a sunny weekend searching for their perfect canine companion. CLICK HERE to read.